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MELODIE NOUĂ: Alex Mica - "Faded Light" (Official Audio) - 2017. VERSURI, SINGLE NOU, PIESĂ ORIGINALĂ

MUZICĂ NOUĂ, PIESĂ ORIGINALĂ, VERSURI, MELODIE NOUĂ: Alex Mica - Faded Light (Official Single) Audio, New Song 2017, Lyrics

Piesa noua, single nou: Alex Mica - Faded Light (Official Single) New Song 2017 by Voices Media
Music & Lyrics: Mica Alexandru
Produced by: Marius Onetiu, Daniel Burg & Mica Alexandru
Mix & Master: Marius Onetiu @Voices Studio Timisoara
Artwork by Tibi Prioteasa (Tyb Photography)
Project Manager: Bogdan Toma (
Editor : Voices Media
Facebook Official page:

Versuri/Lyrics Alex Mica - Faded Light:

There was a time
When I used to be strong
Today I am not the same
So I wrote this song
To let you know
What I feel in my soul
I might be low
But I'm not ready to fall now

They try to bring me
Down down down oh
They wanna see me
Down down down yeah
They are chasing me
Day and night hidding

Into the faded light
I gotta fight
Help me God
My love is gone
Into the faded light
No body by my side
All I had is gone now
Into the faded light.

They can take your money
They can steal your car yeah
But they can never take away
Who you really are no no no

by Voices Media (YouTube), 27 iun. 2017

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