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Ceva feat. Ştefan Matei (Les Elephants Bizarres) - "Who's to Blame" (melodie nouă, videoclip oficial, versuri, new single 2017)

Proiectul Ceva şi Ștefan Matei, solistul trupei Les Elephants Bizarres, au lansat o nouă melodie, "Who's to Blame", odată cu videoclipul oficial al cântecului pe canalul de YouTube MediaPro Music Romania luni, 24 aprilie 2017. Regia videoclipului noului single "Who's to Blame" (Ceva feat. Ştefan Matei) îi aparţine lui Mircea Ibadof.
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MELODIE NOUĂ, VIDEOCLIP NOU: Ceva feat. Stefan Matei - Who's to Blame (Official Video) New Single 2017, New Song

Ceva featuring Stefan Matei - Who's to Blame (Official Video) New Song 2017, New Single
Music: Andrei Popa, Tudor Amarandei, Stefan Matei
Lyrics: Ruxandra Stoian
Mix&Master: Cosmin Lupan

Cast: Stefan Matei, Andrei Popa, Tudor Amarandei, Francesca Leonte, Andreea Sovan, Diana Bogdan, Luca Ludosanu, Bogdan Bordianu, Ion Voinea.
Extras: Andrei Tiberiu Nistor, Catalin Burtanete.

Producer: Laura Musat, The Film Company
Director: Mircea Ibadof
DOP: Alex Brendea
Edit: Francesca Leonte, Stefan Matei
Sound Design: Stefan Matei
VFX: Alin Dumitru, Liviu Dinu, Static VFX
Color Grading: O-Video
Director's Assistant: Francesca Leonte
1st AD: Mihai Ghita
Scenography & Costumes Design: Flavia Barabas
Makeup & Hair: Valentina Elena Voroneanu
Script Supervisor: Alexandra Botau
Production Assistant: Georgiana Maliovski
Focus Puller: Andrei Pirvulescu
Gaffer: Nicu Ivancea
Grip: Cristi Igna
Storyboarder: Ovidiu Stanciu

Special thanks: Borsec, Casa Monteoru, Emilia Mihailescu, Marius Galan, Mihai Marin, Alex Csiki, Mihai Tache, Stefan Marginean, Incredible Indian Art, City Grill, Videolink.


It seems that we go further and more
Without seeing ourselves getting older and sore.
We forget how to breath, to love and enjoy
To transform our worries in a beautiful toy.

So tell me now, do you know who’s to blame?
When we go round in circles anyway.

As I walk on the streets, i could draw them a smile
To stop all the grief, at least for a while.
You need actions, when you hear only words
To release our souls, and fly high like these birds.

(C) & (P) MediaPro Music Entertainment 2017

by MediaProMusic (YouTube), 24 apr. 2017

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