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Michael Jackson - "Billie Jean" (VIDEOCLIP OFICIAL)

MELODIE, VIDEOCLIP: Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Official Video)

"Billie Jean" was the first short film made for 'Thriller,' the biggest-selling album of all time. The short film for this No. 1 single, directed by Steve Barron, made history as the first video by a black artist to receive heavy rotation on MTV, and waslater ranked by the network as one of the 100 greatest music videos of all time.

Written & Composed by Michael Jackson
Produced by Quincy Jones for Quincy Jones Productions
Co-Produced by Michael Jackson for MJJ Productions, Inc.
From the album Thriller, released November 30, 1982
Released as a single January 2, 1983

Director: Steve Barron
Primary Production Location: Los Angeles, California

by michaeljacksonVEVO (YouTube), 2 oct. 2009

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