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NEW SINGLE: Nick Kamarera feat. Alinka - "Hawaii" (Lyrics Video). MELODIE NOUĂ (2017), VERSURI, PIESĂ OFICIALĂ

VIDEOCLIP, PIESĂ NOUĂ, MELODIE OFICIALĂ: Nick Kamarera feat. Alinka - Hawaii (Lyrics Video) New Single 2017, New Song

Music: Nicola Valentin, Filip Aurel
Text: Eduard Serei, Nicola Valentin
Editor: Roton Music Publishing
© & (P) 2017 ROTON MUSIC
Video Footage By Morrisey Productions

Lyrics (versuri) Nick Kamarera feat. Alinka - Hawaii:

When I see those summer lights
And the sun's up high
I can hear the way your calling my name

When the wind is surfing by
Making palm trees cry
I imagine just the two of us in

In Hawaii
In Hawaii
I wish we could stay here
For the rest of our lives
In Hawaii

When I see the stars align
And the moon's up high
I can feel the way you're thinking of me

When I feel the ocean waves
And the sand is glowing bright
I imagine just the two of us in

by RotonMusicTV (YouTube), 7 apr. 2017

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