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MELODIE NOUĂ: Moonwalkers - "Hideaway" (Lyrics Video) - 2017

PIESĂ ORIGINALĂ, VIDEOCLIP NOU, MELODIE NOUĂ: Moonwalkers - Hideaway (Lyrics Video) New Song 2017, New Single

Muzica noua: Moonwalkers - Hideaway (Lyrics Video) by Cat Music Romania
Music: Emanuela Oancea
Lyrics: Emanuela Oancea
Arranged: Andrei Rotaru
Mixing & Mastering: Andrei Rotaru
Artwork: Cătălin Cristea @Follow Design
Lyrics Video: Tudor Măgureanu

Versuri/Lyrics Moonwalkers - Hideaway (piesa noua 2017):

Come be a part of me
Oh what you gonna do
Sky is full of stars
I belong to you
Hideaway, oh hideaway
Come be my superman
Take me to the moon
I know you got a plan
I will see you soon
Hideaway, oh hideaway

Believe it, I feel it
Everytime your heart is beatting
Mine goes, bumb bumb bumb oh
Mine goes , bumb bumb bum oh
Believe it, I feel it
This is real, come and reach it
Heart goes, bumb bumb bumb oh
Heart goes, don't go don't go
Don't you go don't you go

Come take me up in the air
Oh baby I'll meet you there

The sun is shinning bright
Air feelin' so fine
Oh my oh my oh my
Hideaway, oh hideaway
You make my days amazing
You make my heart go crazy
Hideaway, oh hideaway

Like a remedy to me
My antidote to everything

by Cat Music (YouTube), 9 mai 2017

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