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Willy William feat. Cris Cab - "Paris" (melodie nouă, videoclip oficial, versuri, new single 2016)

VIDEOCLIP NOU, MELODIE NOUĂ: Willy William feat. Cris Cab - Paris (Official Video) NEW SINGLE 2016, NEW SONG, LYRICS

Piesa noua: Willy William featuring Cris Cab - Paris
(Willy William, Cristian Cabrerizo, L. Zonee / Willy William, Ansley Ford, Mathieu Evain)
Published by Play On 911 / BTP / C2M / Record Two / Anonymous Hippopotamus / Sony / ATV Tunes LLC ASCAP
(P) 2016 Play On under exclusive license from BTP

Versuri/Lyrics Willy William feat. Cris Cab - Paris:

J'ai tronqué ma voiture pour un vélo
Rouler sur ces rues pavées
Un air d'été sur la capitale
On était là lala
Quelques musiciens me donnaient la mélo
C'est c'qui faisait tout son charme
Quand je chante lalalala lala

Parce que moi je me bas dans Paris
Je me bas dans Paris

When I look up at the shining light
I think of us together
A cigarette and a bottle of wine
Let's run away forever

I can barely sleep
The city's calling me
I want you to stay

Hey, I think I fell in love with the motion
So I could never run too far
Sometimes you wanna cross every ocean
Just to find that piece of your heart

I can barely sleep
Why won't you come to me?

I want you to stay!
Parce que moi je me bas dans Paris
Je me bas dans Paris

by Roton Music TV (YouTube), 28 sept. 2016

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