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Passenger a lansat o melodie nouă, ”Ghost Town”, și videoclipul oficial al cântecului pe YouTube vineri, 21 septembrie 2018. ”Ghost Town” este a șaptea piesă promovată de Passenger din noul album ”Runaway” care a fost lansat pe 31 august 2018, după ”Hell Or High Water”, ”Why Can't I Change”, ”Runaway”, ”Heart To Love”, ”To Be Free” și ”Survivors”.
Cântecul ”Ghost Town” este compus de Michael David Rosenberg - Passenger pe numele scenic. Regia videoclipului noului single ”Ghost Town” (Passenger), filmat în Detroit (S.U.A.), îi aparține lui Jarrad Seng. Vizionare plăcută!

VIDEOCLIP NOU, MELODIE NOUĂ: Passenger - Ghost Town (Official Video) NEW SINGLE 2018, NEW SONG

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Hello everyone , hope you’re all really good !

Here is the seventh video from our “runaway” roadtrip series . This one was shot in Detroit and is called “GHOST TOWN” .

I have only ever played once in Detroit - a few years ago at a beautiful old venue called the filmore and it was definitely one of the stand out shows of the tour .

I have to be honest , before that evening I was quite unaware of what the city had been through . We had a few beers and a chat with some locals after the show and they gave me a brief history lesson ….

The birth place of Motown and once the thriving home to much of the American motor industry (General Motors , ford etc ) the city then fell on hard times as cars became cheaper to make over seas .

Many of the factories and plants closed down leaving thousands of workers unemployed and with few prospects .

Over the years more and more people left Detroit in search of opportunity and as a result houses and in some cases entire neighbourhoods were completely abandoned .

I remember this idea really sticking with me . The thought of a real life ghost town was so sad and bizarre .

A few years later I wrote this song .

We spent two days filming there on our trip and it was quite an overwhelming experience . Driving through silent streets that would have once been bustling neighbourhoods and walking in to abandoned houses still full of peoples discarded possessions and old lives . it was deeply sad and honestly quite a difficult couple of days .

I hope we’ve captured some of the mood and atmosphere with this video .

Massive thanks as always to jarrad seng for nearly freezing his fingers off during the making of this and also to stu larsen and chris vallejo.

Please share it around if you can .

Loads of love and many thanks .

Mike xx

Ps I need to say that this is only the situation in a few areas and Detroit for the most part seems like a really cool town . The last thing I want to do with this song is to paint an unfair picture of the place or offend anyone !!!

by Passenger (YouTube), 21 sept. 2018

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