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MELODIE NOUĂ: Rolling Papers - ”Reaching In” (2019). VIDEOCLIP, VERSURI, NEW SINGLE

Trupa Rolling Papers a lansat o melodie nouă. ”Reaching In”, și videoclipul cu versuri (lyrics video) al cântecului pe canalul oficial de YouTube Rolling Papers în 11 februarie 2019.
Formaţia Rolling Papers a fost fondată în anul 2013 de muzicienii băimăreni Ionuţ Roatiş (Judgy) şi Treitl Hammond. Enjoy!

VIDEOCLIP NOU, MELODIE NOUĂ: Rolling Papers - Reaching In (Lyrics Video) NEW SINGLE 2019, NEW SONG

Music & lyrics: Rolling Papers
Label: RP Music Events

Rolling Papers - Reaching In (lyrics)

Separated by race and place of birth,
We support criteria of no worth.
Just look at the big picture,
This isn’t human nature!
Manipulated to think this and that,
Always too busy to check the fact.
We need to form our own thoughts
And recognize our flaws towards…

Reaching in, into the space in between
I implode, I bring people together like sin

Righteous till the end of my existence,
Sometimes good is done by a single sentence.
The power to create
Into words is innate!
So when we speak together for a common goal,
With strong belief in our soul,
It just starts to happen.
It’s the most powerful weapon!

The sun, the sea, the air we breathe
The hopes we share, the life we live

by Rolling Papers (YouTube), 11 feb. 2019

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