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VIDEOCLIP NOU: DJ Feel & Alexandra Bădoi - "Did We Feel" (2017). PIESĂ OFICIALĂ, VERSURI

DJ Feel şi Alexandra Bădoi au lansat videoclipul oficial pentru noua melodie "Did We Feel" joi, 5 ianuarie 2017, pe YouTube. Vizionare plăcută!

DJ Feel & Alexandra Badoi - Did We Feel (Official Music Video) 2017, NEW SINGLE

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Alexandra Badoi

Suanda Music

Having a mask in a fake world
Trying to be someone else,
Living like actors, we play roles,
Hiding the feelings in our shells

How many times
Did we make it?
Did we fake it?
Did we feel?

Did we feel?

Thank you for your support, DJ Groove Audio School - !
Thank you so much, Artem and Alicia - our little actors! You've been amazing!
Thank you for my outfit, Alexandra Calafeteanu!
Thank you, Vali Caloiu!

Enjoy the video!
Take a deep breath, believe in your dreams and listen to your heart...
Just FEEL...

by Alexandra Badoi (YouTube), 5 ian. 2017

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