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VIDEOCLIP NOU: Coldplay - "Amazing Day" (Global Film Project). MELODIE NOUĂ (2017), VERSURI, SINGLE OFICIAL, NEW SONG

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Coldplay - Amazing Day (piesa noua, videoclip oficial, versuri/lyrics, new single, new song 2017)/ Foto: www.coldplay.com

Trupa Coldplay a lansat videoclipul oficial pentru noua melodie "Amazing Day" joi, 5 ianuarie 2017, pe YouTube. Piesa "Amazing Day" se află pe noul album "A Head Full Of Dreams". Cel mai recent material discografic al formaţiei britanice Coldplay a fost lansat în 4 decembrie 2015 sub egida casei de discuri Parlophone.
Videoclipul noului single conţine înregistrări trimise de fani, utilizatori ai platformei Instagram din diferite zone ale lumii. Vizionare plăcută!

Coldplay - Amazing Day Global Film Project (Official Video) New Single 2017

On November 19, 2016 – the day that Coldplay performed at the Global Citizen Festival in Mumbai – we asked you to show us what was happening in your corner of the world. Many thousands of you uploaded your footage to Instagram, from across the planet. The results have now been brought together to make this film.

Amazing Day is taken from the album A Head Full Of Dreams.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the global film project.

CONTRIBUTORS: Clips from the following Instagram users were used in the final Amazing Day film.
@80vee, @a_head_full_of_momo, @a.ddictedtothewind, @abhishek.maji, @adamhess67, @adrianogiunta, @agathemauvais, @alessandrapetracchi, @ami.nicole, @amirderavizadeh1, @andreadiazm4, @andrewosada, @antonlezcano, @aurelielasselin, @barefootcorindi, @beccaskinner81, @bellabilli, @belladiregina, @ben_mcavenna, @breathing_and_dreaming, @brigiisantos, @byfeii, @cache_0506, @cameronnorrie0_0, @cesarlucchesi, @cheetz, @chibikt, @chief_hass, @claudiazanvit, @cmnavarro19, @coldplaytour, @cqb.marine, @crazymicahman, @davideduardoportillo, @debroervaneva_, @dim_hatzis, @dunseath, @emekelll, @emm4787, @endri.wejoe, @erik.landero.c, @fan_of_coldplay, @fashodo, @felice_erni, @fer_ajidou, @fernndavr, @ferovike, @fleurch, @foodandscenes, @freyabombaya, @frometaurena, @gaetanolisi, @gianmarco_giunta, @giaparis, @gonzmarcenriq, @greenpremiumrj, @h_squared_to_you, @henry_c.p, @hole_in_the_plot, @hugoallard, @i.explored, @icecoldinkhobar, @ik_pagli, @imcamilavanilla, @ingethom, @inmyplaceally, @insta.puki, @irene.mare, @irka7, @itsbugz, @itsclaudia.d, @ivan_guillentorres, @jamesou13, @janeek22, @jorge_insertlastnamehere, @jorgesaldana, @joshman422, @juliasbengtsson, @karan.t.shah, @karen10374, @kingi.am, @kristelvolkaerts, @l1drummey, @le_shagheri, @leahlizz99, @leilane.mara, @leti8787, @lilygraphie, @lucianat26, @luicybora, @luisapericov, @luisapericov, @luxurios_island, @maddysonn_, @majenco, @makalak, @mamamilax, @marianazvelez, @martina_br91, @martinastoeffelbauer, @masevenero, @mateusveiga, @maxpain19, @mellywellymai, @mfrizanco, @michele.caio, @michlegauthier, @mluk4s, @mpau_n2, @mrclmonteiro, @my_still_moments, @nan.65, @natjreidini, @notable_films, @otmane_bara, @passferlas, @patricred, @pausafor, @pinweiwei, @princedonk, @raul.snow, @raunraunjd, @reid.baughman, @ria.campos, @ricky.ft, @roccofortunato, @samjr_88, @saraboscariol, @schtanzerl, @sevdenurguer, @shamrockjoeswing, @sinkinglikestones_, @sjhillard, @snarkpootmiso, @spencerisland, @taqiyya, @taylorj328, @thealangelykke, @themarta, @ucubdidit, @valeria_rodriguez1, @valeryevenstar, @vanillaregina, @wellbheing, @wershwie, @wissmily, @xlouiesmilex, @yamirauss, @youwonderfulthing, @yudhiian

by Coldplay Official (YouTube), 5 ian. 2017

VERSURI/LYRICS Coldplay - Amazing Day

We sat on a roof, named every star
shared every bruise and showed every scar
hope has its proof put your hand in mine
Life has a beautiful crazy design

and time seemed to say
Forget the world and its weight
And here I just want to stay
Amazing day amazing day

We sat on a roof, named every star
you showed me a place where you can be what you are

And the view, the whole Milky Way
In your eyes, I drifted away
And in your arms I just want to sway
Amazing day amazing day
Amazing day amazing day

Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh
Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, oooh

and I asked
Can the Birds in poetry chime?
can there be breaks in the chaos sometimes?
oh thanks God, must have heard when I prayed
cause now I always want to feel this way
Amazing day, amazing day
Amazing day, amazing day
Yeah, today

Lyrics Source: http://coldplay.com/song/amazing-day-2/

Sursa foto (Photo Courtesy), postarea despre cea mai noua melodie a trupei Coldplay - Amazing Day (videoclip oficial, versuri/lyrics, piesa noua, new single 2017, new song): Coldplay Official Website - www.coldplay.com.

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