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VIDEOCLIPURI, MELODII NOI: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, KSHMR - ”OPA”, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, W&W & Moguai - ”Arcade Mammoth”, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Nicky Romero - ”Here We Go (Hey Boy, Hey Girl)”, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Bassjackers - ”All I Need” (VIP MIX) - 2018. NEW SINGLES, NEW SONGS, NEW VIDEOS, NEW MUSIC

VIDEOCLIP NOU, MELODIE NOUĂ: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs KSHMR - OPA (Official Music Video) NEW SINGLE 2018, NEW SONG

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Tomorrowland enjoyed a weekend of the finest music the electronic scene has to offer. Nestled within the hundreds of hours of music was a record that captivated the crowds with an authentic Greek flavour! Bringing their roots into the music, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have saddled up with KSHMR for a celebration of life with new record ‘OPA’.
The lively expression touches the core of human nature. Whether used as an exclamation or affirmation, ‘OPA’ conveys the Greek spirit. Which is the free spirit, the joy, the celebration. A spirit that fills all the music from the creative minds of Dimitri Vegas, KSHMR and Like Mike. It’s what these artists embody and why the creation of this track has so much pizazz, so much feel, so much joy. ‘OPA’ is a feeling, it’s a way of life, ‘OPA’ is pure joy – a statement proven by the love and happiness shared at the mainstage of Tomorrowland where “OPA” featured in great abundance!
Featuring as part of 7 new tracks being released across the Tomorrowland period for a mega-sized EP, ‘OPA’ has been one of fan favourites from the special ‘Track Of The Day’ giveaway: http://summerofmadness.com
by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (YouTube), 26 iul. 2018

VIDEOCLIP NOU, MUZICĂ NOUĂ: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs W&W & Moguai - Arcade Mammoth (Official Music Video) NEW SINGLE 2018, NEW SONG

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Established from the offset with the biggest festival stage in mind, Tomorrowland residents Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike alongside W&W and Moguai present to you the seismic peak time beast that is ‘Arcade Mammoth’. A mash-up of pure ecstasy and features a pulsating crescendo that drips with power and profound intensity.
Enjoy this festival 2018 favourite in all its glory. As can be seen from the mainstage scaling video, the showcases the magnitude of this gigantic record! All of the artists behind this record have achieved staggering goals within the electronic music scene, so it should come as little surprise than that this beat driven beast contains the perfect recipe for mainstage domination!
return to the helm with 7 new ground-breaking releases which combine heavy-duty basslines, impeccable productions, spell binding drops and powerful synths ripping through the tracks throughout, transporting avid listeners to another dimension, whilst remaining true to their iconic sound.
Relive the MADNESS with these exclusive Spotify playlists:
The Official Tomorrowland Playlist:
The Smash The House Radio Playlist:
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by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (YouTube), 3 aug. 2018

VIDEOCLIP NOU, PIESĂ NOUĂ: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs Nicky Romero - Here We Go (Hey Boy, Hey Girl) (Official Music Video) NEW SINGLE 2018, NEW SONG

Fabled nights in Ibiza are what add to the islands magic. Filled with madness, breaming with beautiful and littered with lost memories the White Isle is truly the places where dreams are made! So when two of dance music’s most loved producers get together to retell the magic of one of electronic music’s most loved tracks, it’s a fire way to ensure the craziness will continue! Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike pair up with Nicky Romero for a 2018 version of the classic “Hey Boy, Hey Girl, Here We Go”. As the music videos tells, madness ensues and Ibiza delivers its ever present wildness under the bright lights and shining stars of its most famous open-air beach club Ushuaia Ibiza for the legendary Garden of Madness!
The grandiose that this 2018 version of ‘Here We Go (Hey Boy, Hey Girl)’, which samples a variation of vibrating synths with a climactic bridge, is sure to pump up the velocity within any festival reveller. A fact showcased in the illuminating music video!
by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (YouTube), 3 aug. 2018

VIDEOCLIP NOU, MELODIE NOUĂ: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs Bassjackers - All I Need (VIP MIX) (Official Music Video) NEW SINGLE 2018, NEW SONG

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike provide the latest offering from their new Tomorrowland EP, this time drafting in long time label friends Bassjackers for their harder remake of ‘All I need’ featuring Gucci Mane. The track switches the original from a summer anthem to a dancefloor crafted offering, undoubtably harder hitting and primed for late-night peak-time sets. Watch the official video now which follows in the same ilk, maintaining the original outer space animation, this time interspersed with recent live shots of the brother’s sets from across the globe including Tomorrowland and Ushuaïa Ibiza, to show you just how much this track gets the party started.
by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (YouTube), 27 iul. 2018

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