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MELODIE NOUĂ: Geo Da Silva & LocoDJ feat. Fizo Faouez - ”What a feeling” (2018). VIDEOCLIP NOU, PIESĂ OFICIALĂ, NEW SINGLE

VIDEOCLIP NOU, MELODIE NOUĂ: Geo Da Silva & LocoDJ feat. Fizo Faouez - What a feeling (Online Video) NEW SINGLE 2018, NEW SONG

Music video by Geo Da Silva & LocoDJ feat. Fizo Faouez performing 'What a feeling'
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Music: Gheorghe Constantin-Cristinel, Faouez Laamouri, Chiteala Florin;
Lyrics: Gheorghe Constantin-Cristinel, Oana Vincu
Mix & Master by: Faouez Laamouri;
Video montage by: DsPro Studio, GeoDaSilva & LocoDJ;
Production by: GeoDaSilva, DJ Fizo Faouez & LocoDJ;
GEO DA SILVA's Management & Booking by CAT MUSIC:
Madalina Simionescu
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by Cat Music (YouTube), 9 oct. 2018

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