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Passenger a lansat o melodie nouă, ”Eagle Bear Buffalo”, și videoclipul oficial al cântecului pe YouTube vineri, 12 octombrie 2018. ”Eagle Bear Buffalo” este a opta piesă promovată de Passenger din noul album ”Runaway” care a fost lansat pe 31 august 2018, după ”Hell Or High Water”, ”Why Can't I Change”, ”Runaway”, ”Heart To Love”, ”To Be Free”, ”Survivors” și ”Ghost Town”.
Cântecul ”Eagle Bear Buffalo” este compus de Michael David Rosenberg - Passenger pe numele scenic. Regia videoclipului noului single ”Eagle Bear Buffalo” (Passenger), filmat în Yellowstone National Park (S.U.A.), îi aparține lui Jarrad Seng. Vizionare plăcută!

VIDEOCLIP NOU, VERSURI, MELODIE NOUĂ: Passenger - Eagle Bear Buffalo (Official Video) NEW SINGLE 2018, NEW SONG, LYRICS

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Directed by Jarrad Seng (www.jarradseng.com)
Produced by Mike Rosenberg & Jarrad Seng
Production team: Chris Vallejo and Thomas Stein
Special thanks: Rachel Cudmore @ Yellowstone National Park
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Lyrics Passenger - Eagle Bear Buffalo (VERSURI):

oh yeah

i wanna go where the sun sinks low
eagle bear buffalo
i wanna watch the stars shine on my own

lay me down in the morning rain
rivers roll by like runaway trains you can
you can leave me here in

where all the trees grow old and tall
make me feel so young and small
make me wonder if i am here at all
well who am i to say

lakes so clear
you can see to the ground
make all the mountains hang upside down
make me wonder am i right way round
it doesn’t matter anyway

i wanna go where the sun sinks low
eagle bear buffalo
i wanna watch the stars shine on my own

lay me down in the midday sun
beating down like a soldier’s drum
you can hear them play in

worn out souls
aching bones
fishing poles and stepping stones
whisky warm and campfire smoke
the ending of the day

well you listen to the wind
whistle her tune
coyote sing by the light of the moon

if i ever leave
it would be too soon
but i know that i can’t stay

i wanna go where the sun sinks low
eagle bear buffalo
i wanna watch the stars shine on my own

lay me down in the evening light
geyser, smoke, stalagmite

you can leave me here in

leave me close to tears

never disappear
Written by Michael Rosenberg

by Passenger (YouTube), 12 oct. 2018

Hello !! Hope you’re all well !!

im really looking forward to kicking off the NORTH AMERICAN TOUR in a couple of days in NASHVILLE which apparently has just SOLD OUT !

there are really limited tickets for a few of the other shows now so grab them from passengermusic.com/live if you wanna come along !!

For now though , video number eight …

This is “EAGLE BEAR BUFFALO” and we had the immense pleasure of hanging out in Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area for a few days whilst making it .

This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip ! I’ve always dreamed of going to this place and it absolutely lived up to expectation :-)

As always a huge thanks to Jarrad Seng Photography for the beautiful cinematography and also to Rachel Cudmore for being such a fantastic guide and for showing us this magical place .

We’ve teamed up with the amazing people at Sierra Club who are battling to keep places like Yellowstone as beautiful as they are . Please go and check them out / support if you can .

Thanks so much as always for watching , listening , caring and sharing .

All my love .

Mike x

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