joi, 21 iunie 2018

MUZICĂ NOUĂ: Fantastic Negrito - ”Plastic Hamburgers” (2018). VIDEOCLIP OFICIAL, NEW SINGLE

VIDEOCLIP NOU, MELODIE NOUĂ: Fantastic Negrito - Plastic Hamburgers (Official Video) NEW SINGLE 2018, NEW SONG

'Plastic Hamburgers' is the lead track and first single from Fantastic Negrito's brand new album 'Please Don't Be Dead' out now! Order your copy here:
Exclusive bundles and signed items available from the official store.
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Directed by Kristian Hill
Shot by Ryan McGeary and Sam Hustis
Produced by Blackball Universe
Photos used with permission from: Dick Waterman, Albert Bravo, Johnny Galvan, Terry Abrahamson, Fred Lombard and Ariel Navas
by Fantastic Negrito (YouTube), 23 mar. 2018

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