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Passenger - Runaway (piesa noua 2018, versuri, videoclip oficial, new single 2018, new song)/ Photo Courtesy of Passenger -

Passenger a lansat o melodie nouă, ”Runaway”, și videoclipul oficial al cântecului pe YouTube vineri, 29 iunie 2018. ”Runaway” este a treia piesă promovată de Passenger din noul album ”Runaway” care va fi lansat pe 31 august 2018, după ”Hell Or High Water” și ”Why Can't I Change”. Cântecul ”Runaway” este compus de Michael David Rosenberg - Passenger pe numele scenic. Regia videoclipului noului single ”Runaway” (Passenger) le aparține lui Jarrad Seng și Mike Rosenberg (Passenger). Enjoy!


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Directed by Mike Rosenberg & Jarrad Seng
Produced by Mike Rosenberg & Jarrad Seng
Production team: Stu Larsen and Chris Vallejo

Versuri Passenger - Runaway (Lyrics)

well my heart’s a runaway
living by the campfire light

yeah my love’s a stowaway
slipping out into the night

but hey
i can feel it
i don’t want to run this time
i can feel it now
hey i can feel it
shining like the sun this time
i know now
i don’t want to run away
i don’t want to run away

well my soul's a castaway
tired of being alone
yeah my love gets thrown away
anyway the wind gets blown

but hey
i can feel it
i don’t want to stray this time
i can feel it now
hey i can feel it
pouring down like the rain this time
i know now
i don’t want to

runaway trains never get no peace
they keep on running till their engine cease
if i keep on running and i don't stand still
i won't know love no i never will

and rolling stones never find the home
cos they keep on rolling through life alone
if i keep on rolling down the same old hill
i’ll never know love i never will

and oh i can feel it
i don’t want to search no more
i can feel it now
hey i can feel it
it’s never felt so good before
i know now

i don’t want to runaway hey
i don't want to runaway hey
and I don’t want to run away hey
i don't want to run away

Written by Michael Rosenberg

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Hello everyone !!!
Here is the third video from the new album and it is the title track “RUNAWAY”!!!
It is a really special one as it consists of footage from pretty much everywhere that we went to on our American road trip ….
The idea was to have it look like I ran across the entire country “Forrest Gump style” (although sadly I couldn’t grow such an impressive beard in the allotted time … )
To watch it back makes me realise a few things - what an amazing adventure we had and how many incredible places we got to experience along the way . Also what a ridiculously exhausting and stupidly ambitious idea this was haha . So glad we saw it through though and I really hope you all enjoy it .
Please , if only for the amount of times that I had to change back into the same clothes , like / comment / share with your pals !!
Loads of love .
Mike xx

Ps if you’re digging the new songs and want to be really organised you can pre-order the record here ;-) (

by Passenger (YouTube), 28 iun. 2018

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